When we arrived in Aberdeen…


we, that’s me – Dami and my wife Ify, missed the African sun, our family and our friends; but we brought with us the rich and exciting flavours of our Nigerian home cooking. 

My mum owned a restaurant in Nigeria and I helped out whenever I could get away from school. When I left home I travelled the world experiencing different flavours. I returned buzzing with ideas, but still use my Mum’s amazing dough recipe to make family pies!

Ify also loves cooking and creating new flavours. She is an award winning Gospel singer. When she isn’t in the kitchen you’ll find her happily singing as well as looking after our kids, and our sauces! 

In 2013, I left Aberdeen’s Oil Industry and we filled our kitchen with fresh vegetables, spices and hit on our special Dami & Ify sauces! In our street food business, we filled Aberdeen’s workplaces with our own ‘Shawarma’ wraps and sides, but people were super-excited about our sauces. So we scaled up production and got serious about sauce. 

We are fine food producers of condiments inspired by our heritage of home cooking using natural ingredients and our passion for food. Quality natural ingredients will deliver freshness and our recipes give that exceptional experience. All our recipes are created to make taste tastier, and we believe you enjoy them as much as we do!


Our ketchups and sauces

Made with exotic fruits, our Festive Cranberry Chutney offers cranberry, pomegranate, redcurrant and kiwi, with an aromatic blend of spices. Its rich taste makes it ideal as a dip, an add to flavour your meal, a spread and also in your dessert. Buy it here 

With a blend of fascinating fruits like butternut squash, papaya, parsnip, dates, with some chilli and aromatic spices our Golden Fruity Chutney offers a spicy and fruity taste. The spicy taste makes it great with chicken, as a spread and an awesome dip. Buy it here

Our Sweet & Spicy Tomato Ketchup is our take on the all-time classic. We blend fresh tomatoes, peppers and a subtle mix of sweet spices into a delicious and versatile staple for your table. Buy it here

Our Citrussy Carrot Ketchup leads with fresh carrots and red peppers with oranges and lemons close behind, it’s an earthy sweet and zesty table sauce that’s simply different and simply delicious. Buy it here 

Made with scotch bonnets and red peppers and our own herb and spice blend our Pili Pili Sauce ignites fiery flavours under any food, the more you use the bigger the fire; move aside sriracha! Buy it here 

Our Spiced Barbecue Sauce blends red peppers, tomato and mango with rich flavourings that are amazing anytime you want big smokey flavours; it’s especially good with grills and charred dishes. Buy it here 

Made with peppers, mango, pineapple and apricots our Fruity Cool Ketchup is a fresher fruitier table sauce that enhances naturally lighter dishes and balances richer and stronger flavours. Buy it here 

Our Savoury Curry Sauce is a mix of our favourite fragrant spices blended into a tomato-pepper ketchup; it’s fantastic with most foods any time find yourself craving delicious curry flavours. Buy it here 

Made with green vegetables, our Green Jalapeño Sauce offers green bell peppers, fresh jalapeños and okra, which is grown mainly in West Africa. With an aromatic blend of spices, this is a must try. If you love jalapeño or curious, you will certainly carve this after the first touch. Buy it here 

Our Yellow Chilli Ketchup is a blend of yellow bell peppers, mangoes, turnip, white naga and a host of authentic ingredients. When you want to liven up the taste of your meal with a kick, just grab a Yellow Chilli Ketchup. Buy it here


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