Our Story

Succulento “The joy of food”

Landing in Aberdeen directly from Lagos, Nigeria was a striking experience. We, that’s me Dami and my wife Ify, missed the sun, the food, our family and friends and the joy of making every meal a sharing and happy experience.

In June 2013, I got ‘chucked’ out of work after 10 years in the Oil & Gas Industry and thoughts turned on what to do next. One thing we noticed while working was that most people simply ate their meal without any excitement. This gave us our ‘big idea’ to make lunchtime a pleasure – something to look forward to. We turned our kitchen into a creative recipe and flavour making room developing healthy and delicious recipes not only from our hometown but also from around the world. Our kitchen became a place full of fresh vegetables and spices and very soon we hit on our special Dami & Ify sauces!

We launched in 2014, making ‘Shawarma’ wraps and sides using our sauces and spices, bringing a saucy revolution to Aberdeen’s workplaces. By August 2016, we started working towards scaling up the production of our sauces largely because of the feedback from our clients.

We truly believe that good ingredients make the best recipes and are committed to provide fresh, tasty and healthy food using local produce where we can. We are continually innovating and bringing new recipes and flavours turning mundane mealtimes into joyful happy ones!

A little bit about me

I have a passion for food, it’s in my veins! My mum owned a restaurant in the oil city of Port-Harcourt, back in Nigeria and I helped whenever I could during holidays and when I had any free time. When I left Nigeria I travelled to different parts of the world and loved trying new recipes and experiencing different flavours. I can wake up in the morning buzzing with new ideas and can’t wait for Ify to start trial recipe mixes. I proudly use my Mum’s amazing dough recipe for our pies and celebrate joy in every meal.

And a little about Ify

She is the creative chef behind Succulento! Ify loves mixing ingredients and creating new flavours. She along with me brought to life Succulento’s fabulous sauces and we still have more stored away in our secret recipe book! When Ify isn’t in the kitchen experimenting delicious recipes, you’ll find her singing Gospel, writing songs, recording a new album and looking after our daughter. Ify is an award winning Gospel recording artist and you can feel her joy and love for celebration when you taste our delicious recipes.

We welcome you on board to share in our adventure with ‘the joy of food’ every time you use our sauces.

What we stand for

Cohesive Teamwork – we believe in working together as a family. No unproductive hierarchies.
Integrity – What we promise is what we will strive to deliver.
Responsive Customer Service – We will try to give you our ‘ears’, so that you can always experience the joy of food.
Quality – we will use fresh and quality ingredients. And will make sure we use local produce.
Social Responsibility – we live by our christian beliefs and will reach out to our operating communities, identifying areas we could be of help.