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NEW! Tangy Carrot Sauce Pulled Pork Flatbreads

NEW! Tangy Carrot Sauce Pulled Pork Flatbreads

  1. This is such a quick and easy idea – simply grab yourself some quality pulled pork from your favourite trusted supplier (most supermarkets sell it pre-cooked nowadays, simply heat through until piping hot).
  2. Once ready, shred the meat and then smother it to taste with our delicious NEW Tangy Carrot Sauce for a fantastic and unique flavour sensation. Or why not use our HOT version for an extra little kick.
  3. Heat your flatbreads and portion in the pulled pork, coleslaw and herbs into each little parcel. Add some crème fresh or cheese to give a lovely smooth finish. Ideal served with a nice cold beer… bring on the summer!



You will need:

  • 4 small pita or flat breads
  • Succulento Tangy Carrot Sauce
  • Quality pulled pork
  • Coleslaw (or shredded veg)
  • Fresh herbs