We are Ify and Dami, founders of Succulento; fine food producers of ketchups and sauces inspired by the rich and exciting flavours of our Nigerian home cooking. We have chosen quality over volume. Our range make taste tastier and we believe you will enjoy them as much as we do!

Our Sweet & Spicy Tomato Ketchup is our take on the all-time classic – a delicious and versatile staple for your table.

Our Citrussy Carrot Ketchup is an earthy sweet and zesty table sauce that’s simply different and simply delicious.

Made with scotch bonnets and red peppers our Pili Pili Sauce ignites fiery flavours under any food; move aside sriracha!

Our Spiced Barbecue Sauce is amazing anytime you want big smokey flavours – especially with grills and charred dishes.

Made with peppers, mango, pineapple and apricots our Fruity Cool Ketchup is a fresher fruitier table sauce.

And, our Savoury Curry Sauce is fantastic with most foods at any time find yourself craving delicious curry flavours.

Made with green vegetables, our Green Jalapeño Sauce offers green bell peppers, fresh jalapeños and okra, which is grown mainly in West Africa. With an aromatic blend of spices, this is a must try. If you love jalapeño or curious, you will certainly carve this after the first touch.

Our Yellow Chilli Ketchup is a blend of yellow bell peppers, mangoes, turnip, white naga and a host of authentic ingredients. When you want to liven up the taste of your meal with a kick, just grab a Yellow Chilli Ketchup.

You can buy our products here and join our journey to make taste tastier. Thank you visiting Succulento!